AKWEL has always considered the quality of its products, the satisfaction of its customers, the safety of its employees and respect of the environment as the foundations of its industrial performance. These all go hand in hand. The integrated Quality Safety Environment Energy system (QSE²) rolled out for many years by the group is a concrete translation of this.

Safety, our absolute priority

In keeping with our fundamental values of reliability, collaboration and performance, we have put safety at the very centre of our processes. The Group’s policy via the SMQSEE, the ethics charter and the anti-corruption code seeks to ensure compliance, globally, with the statutory requirements and the ethical rules in force, by means of objectives adjusted locally to the specific features of each of our sites.

Quality, a pillar of customer satisfaction

Constantly seeking more reliable and more competitive solutions to offer our customers, we have made the quality of our products and of our solutions an inescapable fact. Since the outset, this has represented the cornerstone of the culture of performance and customer satisfaction which is the basis of the group’s development. This requirement of excellence, present at all levels and on each site, is at the very heart of our business plan.

The environment and energy efficiency at the heart of our customer approach

We offer innovative solutions or concepts aimed at providing responses to environmental issues (reductions, decontamination) and energy issues (localised production, recycling). Our approach then involves the eco-design of our parts (biopolymers, sustainable resources, materials from recycling) with a view to protecting biodiversity and ecosystems by reducing their environmental impact.

Our localised production strategy contributes to limiting the global environmental footprint and the impact of products on climate change, by reducing pollutant transport and logistics operations. But also by reducing energy expenditure, greenhouse gas emissions and the residuals of each of our plants.

And lastly, we are asking all our partners to join in this approach focused on protecting the environment and controlling energy use.

The QSE² management system, embodiment of a strategic vision

The corporate system for quality management, safety and the environment which we roll out is a concrete translation of the group’s strategy. This certified integrated system is applied to all our teams in their everyday work and emphasises our requirement of adopting an exemplary approach.

Based on the 2S2D philosophy (Simple, Solid, Dependable and Do-able), this system brings together the best practices and tools developed by the company and guarantees that it will reach the level of performance expected by our customers worldwide. All in compliance with the international standards and regulations in force (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAH 18001, ISO 50001 and IATF 16949) and within a perspective of continuous improvement.