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Video: Never Not Bold
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Intellectual property rights
AKWEL advises the users of this website that numerous elements on this website:

  • are protected by the legislation on copyright: this may include photographs, articles, designs, animated sequences, (this list not being exhaustive), etc.;
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Trademark rights
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  • holds, without legitimate cause, imports under any customs arrangement or exports, goods presented under a counterfeit trademark;
  • offers for sale or sells goods presented under a counterfeit trademark;
  • reproduces, imitates, uses, affixes, removes or amends a trademark, collective trademark or a collective certification trademark in breach of the rights conferred by its registration and of the prohibitions arising from that registration;
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Copyright and/or Rights on Designs and Models
The design and development of the said website have been managed by AKWEL. AKWEL is the owner of the architecture of its website. The photographs, texts, slogans, designs, images, animated sequences, with sound or not, along with all works integrated into the website are the property of AKWEL or of third parties having authorised AKWEL to use them. Accordingly, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, marketing, in full or in part, by any process and on any medium whatsoever (paper, digital, other and future processes and media, etc.) is prohibited, without the prior written authorisation of AKWEL, apart from those exceptions referred to in Article L 122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code, under penalty of constituting an offence of infringement of copyright and/or designs and models and/or trademarks, the penalty for which is imprisonment of two years and a fine of €150,000.

Information relating to products
The information and illustrations featuring on the pages of this website are based on the technical characteristics current at the time the various pages of the website are put on-line or updated. In the context of a policy of constant improvement of its products and services, AKWEL may, at any time, change the characteristics of its offering. The products and/or services presented on this website may vary from one country to another or may not be available in all countries in the world. In any case, the information contained on this website is information of a general nature, and has no contractual value. This is due to the specificity of our industrial activity.

Data protection

The user can browse the website and its content without communicating any personal data at all. However, if the user would like to benefit from any services, he must communicate certain personal data.

AKWEL collects and processes personal data only in order to respond to the request of the user:

  • to process and manage applications for a job within the group;
  • send alerts when updating the Finance space.

The user voluntarily transmits the data necessary to the processing of his request by AKWEL, namely:

  • e-mail address;
  • professional or personal information contained in the CV or cover letter.

The Personal Data collected may be communicated only to those AKWEL staff needing to know said data in order to do their job:

  • The Communication Department for distribution of financial information;
  • The Human Resources Department for the processing of applications.

This information intended for the AKWEL Group, which handles their processing, may be transferred outside the European Union within group subsidiaries, in order to respond to the user’s request.

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